Pink In Her Own Words

Pink In Her Own Words

Chris “Pink” Painter  @Unpack Studio Havana

Born and raised in London, UK, I have exhibited in the UK, Greece, Amsterdam, ¬†Berlin and America. I went to art college in my 40’s and decided very early on that sculpture and installation art would be my preference.

I create sculptural pieces within installation settings to generate questions, rather than creating aesthetically pleasing objects. The audience can fill in the blanks as to their own meaning of the work.

The works I exhibit are designed to have a particular relationship with the space. How I choose to place the material is definitely an important part of the process, of which my work revolves around, never thinking or knowing the outcome.

Occasionally I inject bodily qualities into my work , this enables me to investigate ideas of transformation, performance and sculptural form.

My latest body of work and what brings me to Unpack Residency in Havana, is the link between the body I inhabit and buildings that are no longer lived in. Primarily about loss, grief and ‘missing’. ‘What was, what has been, what could have been’. Portraying a presence within an absence. Incorporating my own thoughts of grief into my art practice, I can develop a deeper understanding of this human condition.

Pink. Havana, 2022

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