Unpack Gallery

UNPACK STUDIO is an art platform which engages with the stages of art from conception to exhibition with a focus on the conceptual development of artwork. Our mandate is to provide a context for reflection, exploration and exhibition.

Whether working with emerging or established artists, both local and international, our interest lies in the cross section of art as an approach to knowledge. UNPACK STUDIO's primary objective is to re-think the cultural space of art in contemporary societies.


Unpack Residency

The UNPACK STUDIO Havana semi-programmed residency is open to visual artists, curators and researches. It aims to support artists and creatives by offering a workspace from three to seven weeks. The residency will comprise of independent workdays, meetings with an internationally recognized Art Contact twice a week and a presentation(s) at the prestigious universities of Havana.

The artist can create local-foreign collaborations, interact with contemporary Cuban practitioners and give Cuban art students the opportunity to see diverse practices. Creatives can research, produce new work individually or in collaboration, network with artists, art students, galleries, curators, and explore Havana.

Residencies will be scheduled to take place between the months of: January – June and September – November yearly.

Apply to UNPACK Residency here


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